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That Bank Holiday inevitability

As a motoring journalist, this time of year sees my inbox inundated with one type of press release. Be it from a garage chain, breakdown organisation or even a government department, everyone, it seems, wants the public to be aware of traffic jams across a bank holiday weekend.

At first, these were harmless bits of advice. Now however, such information is simply regurgitating what drivers should already know, having read it the previous few years. In addition, with the state of UK roads, the never ending amount of roadworks and motorway upgrades and so on, a traffic jam is never just reserved for a long public holiday weekend, but every day of every year.

Even in local driving, these days I’m getting stuck in jams, thanks to an array of traffic lights that make my local area visible from space. So what is the need to tell me that I need to ‘leave more time’ and ‘ensure my car is safe’ just because everyone is off work, and likely heading to one of many tourist destinations across the country?

What truly worries me however, are the releases that journalists are supposed to relate to drivers reminding them to check tyre pressures and fluid levels. These should be essential motoring checks, made at least once a month. It concerns me that many drivers, at least in the eyes of some companies, are failing to do this. whether it’s a bank holiday or a school run, a car is unsafe unless the owner has made sure it is drivable.

So please, take care over this weekend – check your tyre pressures and your coolant levels. Then do it again in a couple of weeks, then after another couple, and so on. After all, a car is for life, not just for Mayday…