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Vibe Slick C Comps 17cm Speakers

N20 Audio reviews the latest 17cm component speakers from well known bass provider – Vibe

This is Vibes two-way component speaker at 17cm you can pick these up for around £60. They are stylish, so you can have them on show, and they only have a mounting depth of 58mm allowing you to fit them behind the door card for a standard-look finish.

The speakers weigh in at 2.2kg each, which is a good weight for a door speaker, the norm being the heavier it is the more power it will output. At 90 watts of RMS power you could run these comfortably off your headunit, however you could gain double the output power if you hooked to an amp – Vibe recommends the slick A0 /A1.

The good thing with this year’s Vibes is they have got rid of the centre steel cone, in that version, if you was to connect to an amp, you would get an annoying clipping noise from this, but Vibe have improved this by removing it.

The only let down on this speaker is it only goes up to 25k hz, which is a lot lower than what is currently on the market in the same category. This maybe due to the fact there is no component splitting box in this set.

After testing these speakers on and off an amp and comparing to other speakers around the same price bracket and specification. N20 Audio would rate these Vibe Slick C 17cm 7 out of 10.

Product Specification
  • Component
  • Y30 Mag
  • Spade Terminal
  • Torsion Basket
  • Single Spider
  • Impp Cone
  • Pei Tweeter
  • Steel Mesh Grill
  • Inverted Surround
  • Rubber Gasket
General Information Dimensions
Manufacturer: Vibe
Part Number:  SLICK6C
Warranty:       12 Months
Weight:        2.2 Kg.
Size code:    17cm
Additional Information

  • Type : Component
  • Configuration : 2-way
  • Speaker Size : 6.25inch
  • RMS Power : 90 w
  • Minimum Input : 45 w RMS
  • Peak Power : 270 w
  • Sensitivity : 90 db
  • Freq. Response : 55 Hz – 25 khz
  • Impedance : 4 Ohms
  • Mounting Depth : 58 mm
  • Mounting Diameter : 100 mm
  • Voice Coil Diameter : 25 mm
  • Magnet material : Ferrite
  • Magnet weight : 10 Oz
  • Magnet rating : Y30
  • Recommended Amplifiers : Slick A0/Slick A1