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West Midlands Police bring LEAF to the force

leafWest Midlands police will be charging along the roads in a different way, after taking delivery of 30 Nissan LEAF EVs.

The deal will see ten local policing units (LPUs) running three ‘diary car’ LEAFs each: the cars will be used to attend pre-arranged meetings with victims of crime and locals who have contacted the police force. Diary cars average 40 to 45 miles per day making 124-mile range of the LEAFs perfectly suited.

After a successful trial by WMP Fleet Services last summer, the decision was made to order 30 LEAFs and spread them evenly across each LPU. Feedback so far has been very positive, with police drivers praising the LEAF for its looks and zero emissions when in use.

Dedicated charging points installed at each LPU will be used to charge the LEAFs, meaning officers won’t have trouble finding leads. With the bill for a full recharge being a mere £1.75, costs are kept under control too.

Bob Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for West Midlands Police said: “We welcome the new LEAFs, which fit in perfectly with the operational requirements of diary cars and will significantly cut our fuel costs while also reducing our carbon footprint.”